Optimal nutrition for your baby begins pre-conceptually through pregnancy and continues through breastfeeding and transition to weaning. 

You may have heard that all of the nutrients in your breastmilk can be supplied through your diet, and that any shortfalls, such as calcium, can be supplied from your body's stores (e.g. your bones). While this is in part true, there are several nutrients in your milk that can be affected by your dietary intake.

An example is choline, shown to support optimal brain development and cognition and needed in higher amounts during the breastfeeding period. The amount of fat in your breastmilk is also in part influenced by dietary intake, and a higher fat milk can lead to a more satiated baby, more time between feedings, and a more relaxed and happy mom and dad!

A thorough review of your diet and supplemental intake will support successful breastfeeding. Please call me and we can discuss how that can be helpful to you.