REal Patient Results

PCOS Patient:
I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years before I consulted with Pam Schoenfeld. My current doctor now says I have polycystic ovaries, but not the hormone levels to accompany an official PCOS diagnosis. She said that a woman can fit the official criteria or not at various points in her life, so I may have very well had it during the time Pam was working with me. I also had (and still have) severe endometriosis. The pain from that seems to be at least somewhat controlled with the diet Pam helped me with.

Pam’s nutritional advice and wisdom was such a blessing to me during a very difficult season of my life. After suffering a miscarriage and a year of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, I was drained and doing a poor job of caring for myself. This was readily apparent in the nutritional choices I was making, due in large part to a lack of a basic knowledge and understanding of what a healthy diet really looks like for women.

Pam took a careful look at what I was eating and was kind and patient in explaining the deficiencies in my diet. She was concerned about my lack of energy and inability to maintain weight and she worked with me to address those issues to the overall benefit of my health. She took care to recommend diet changes and supplements that I would have never known existed and helped change the way I understand the relationship between food and our bodies.

I continue to be so grateful for her help during such a difficult time. Her advice and the education she provided continue to shape the way I care for myself and now extend to the way I feed and care for my family (which thankfully now includes two beautiful daughters). The time she invested in helping me has made a lasting difference in my life and I’m so thankful for her help and expertise.
— Kristen T., age 32
PREGNANT Patient: I had been a healthy eater before my pregnancy. I enjoyed preparing minimally processed whole foods and knew how to manage my food intake in order to control my weight. I was able to conceive at 38 years old with my first child and I was so happy. But when I got pregnant, I got incredibly tired and nauseous. I had no energy to exercise, do the food shopping or cooking as I used to do. And most of what I ate just sat like a lump in my stomach. Out of frustration I turned to traditional American comfort foods which tasted good but also contributed to a higher than normal weight gain for my stage of pregnancy. All the traditional methods for dieting were clearly off the table. I had no energy for exercise and calorie restriction meant starving my baby. I knew I needed help understanding how to take control of my food in a way that would be healthy for me and my growing baby.

Near the end of my first trimester I was lucky enough to find Pam. I was attracted to her experience working with women and her experience with ancestral diets. Our first meeting was over an hour long and she patiently listened to all of my fears and concerns about pregnancy and nutrition. She assured me that what I was feeling was normal and expected which really made me feel so much better. She provided me with evidence based guidance and recommendations. Together we worked on a plan to integrate foods into my diet that were both familiar and doable for me while also beneficial for my baby. At the end of our time together, I felt so empowered and ready to move forward in a healthy way that I knew was manageable.

After our meeting Pam continued to follow up with me, answering questions and providing feedback and support. I am now nearing the end of my pregnancy and feeling good. My doctor continues to commend me on my great bloodwork numbers and low blood pressure despite some pre-existing risk factors. I am still on the higher side of the weight chart for my stage of pregnancy; however, based on Pam’s consultation, I know that I cannot just focus on the “number on the scale” but instead work to eat good food to support the healthy development of my baby. I know that my nutrition and appropriate supplementation has supported my healthy uneventful pregnancy.
— Lisa Y. age 38, first pregnancy
OSTEOPOROSIS AND MIGRAINES: Even before breaking my hand, I embarked on a seemingly endless journey to both increase the overall strength of my bones and then to repair my hand. Working with a physical therapist three times per week, with the intention of strengthening my bones, my bone density had not improved despite my many efforts and exercises.

My physical therapist and Doctor referred me to Pam upon the conclusion that my diet needed to change in order for my other results, such as my bone density, to improve.

I was blessed and honored to find Pam at this phase of my journey. Given my many issues: food allergies, seasonal and indoor allergies, migraines and osteopenia/osteoporosis, (as well as possibly undiagnosed others), Pam was attentive, professional, positive, and uniquely qualified to meet my needs.

After nearly four decades as a Culinary Arts Instructor (teacher) at a public high school, I was already well educated about nutrition and the many healing benefits of certain foods. Yet Pam found new ways to improve my diet, tweaked it to a more ancestral diet, and upon execution I experienced significant positive results.

After two or three months the frequency and severity of my migraines decreased significantly! I have been a migraines sufferer all my life and no one has ever helped reduce my pain as much as Pam. My next bone density test isn’t for another few months, but I am hopeful for improvement there as well.

Most importantly, Pam continues to follow up with me and remains concerned about my overall well-being. My experience with her has been uniquely positive and I encourage anyone with outstanding dietary issues to seek a consultation with Pam.
— Sue E. age 62
YOUNG MOTHER: I have worked with Pam since 2011. When I first started seeing her I was a very run down, exhausted mother. Pam helped me to learn how to nourish myself and my family. In the years I have been consulting Pam, I have felt confident to go to her with all manner of dietary and digestive issues for my whole family. Pam has a very comforting, and gentle approach. When my diet was not what it should be she gently guided me to making the most nourishing adjustments. I always appreciated the extra effort she put in to helping me feel successful in my efforts to improve my health, and that of my family.”
— Kristin W., 34
YOUNG MOTHER: I want to thank you again for putting so much thought into my situation and being proactive in helping me to find answers. It is truly appreciated. It’s nice to feel like someone else thinks there’s an answer even when doctors have almost thrown in the towel. I’m glad to have you in my corner :).
— Karen H, age 33.
PERIMENOPAUSE Patient: I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the great nutritional advice you gave me and my husband. My health has slowly improved to the point I am feeling back to normal. Thanks so much for your caring attitude and help with all of this complicated and conflicting health information. I appreciate it more than you know. I feel like I have my life back.
— Brenda C., 41
MENOPAUSAL CHALLENGES: Just wanted to let you know that I saw my cardiologist on Friday 3/20/15. During the examination, my blood pressure was much improved at 140/80, but my EKG was a little off since I have SVT and this is normal for me. He felt he does not have to see me anymore, unless I get a recurrence of the problems with my heart palpitations. I told him that I have changed my diet according to your recommendations and have joined a gym, which he wrote in his notes. I am extremely happy that he feels everything is okay at this time. Thank you again for your help.
— Elaine M. 55
INSOMNIA & DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS: As a Certified Health Coach, I already had a fairly good concept of what it meant to ‘get healthy’ with lifestyle changes, whole-real-food eating, and incorporating exercise on a daily basis into my life. However, I knew I needed more to help take my health to the next level. I know I needed to reduce some left over belly-fat, stop the bloating and other stomach issues, reduce stress and cortisol, and start sleeping soundly. It just wasn’t happening for me by myself.

So, based on some feedback from a friend, I contacted Pam for help. I provided my blood work, medical history, and lifestyle choices, and Pam provided the extra talent and knowledge to hone in on what was missing for me. By following Pam’s suggestions, in two short weeks, my stomach pains have nearly disappeared and I’m sleeping now….actually sleeping and waking refreshed and ready to take on the day! In my book, Pam’s simply brilliant!
— Susan E. age 65