PCOS woman preparing vegetables

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight are two of the most difficult challenges women face. Yo-yo dieting is such a common practice for many of my clients that they find themselves "stuck" at a weight plateau that does not reflect their efforts. Undoing the damage that overly-restrictive diets causes is what I help women do. The effects of long-term undernourishment take time to reverse, but will free you both mentally and physically to live your best life ever!


If you have PCOS, you may be feeling alone, even embarrassed. Although it is estimated that 10% of reproductive-age women have PCOS, it is not something that is talked about very much. Many woman are embarrassed by the signs and symptoms and may feel that no one understands what they are going through. I do, because I also have this confusing diagnosis.

While many women with PCOS struggle with weight gain, it is not the hallmark sign. Elevated male sex hormones are the identifying sign, and these may be released from the ovaries, the adrenal glands, or both.

Your individual genetics will then determine whether you tend to gain weight, get hair growth in unwanted places, struggle with acne, have missed or irregular periods, or have signs of diabetes or pre-diabetes. Additionally, infertility affects many women with PCOS, but not all. Believing that PCOS is solely genetic, due to excess weight, or simply caused by cystic ovaries that can be treated using hormone replacement can be a faulty assumption that can stand in the way from getting the help you need.

At WFN, I specialize in helping women with PCOS gain control of their unique combination of signs and symptoms. Just as there is no one size woman with PCOS, there is no one size diet and lifestyle plan that works. I customize all of my recommendations to your needs, and help you decide which therapies, medical and nutritional, will work together for long-term results.

I look forward to working with you.  Please call me for a no obligation, no cost, 10 minute consult. I want you to feel comfortable with your decision to choose me as your nutritionist.

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