Welcome to Women And Family Nutrition

I am excited to be establishing a new practice here in the Triangle Area. 

So many women interested in wellness, family, and community live here. They have a passion for eating real foods, raising healthy children, and respecting the environment.

There are many great places to purchase a wide variety of foods - from small and local to large and full of variety from around the world.

Things were a bit different when I was pregnant and raising my own young children - some better, some not as good. We had few if any "organic" or "natural" or "pasture raised"  or even "international" foods at our local grocery stores; health food stores were few and far between. The idea of "clean eating" was an unknown concept.

On the other hand, we didn't have the endless stream of conflicting information on what is "healthy" or "not healthy" to eat. 

When I was a young mother, I thought I knew a lot about healthy diets because I had studied nutrition at a major university. But older is wiser. My endless quest for accurate nutrition knowledge took me on a journey that changed my life and my children's health just before they entered their teenage years.

I was so grateful to have found this health-saving information that I went back to school to get the professional credentials I needed to help others. And now I can't wait to share that knowledge with you!  

Let me guide you through the maze of information on nutrition and health. Together we can work out a plan for your individual health needs and goals. I can also help your child grow and develop to their full healthy potential. 


nutritionist to the moms